Welcome to the validation site of ZIPA Invoice Processing Automation!

Are you struggling with large volumes of poorly structured vendor invoices that are sent to you in PDF or image scans?

Do you feel that your AP team could spend their time on more meaningful professional works than just typing bills and invoices and attached lists?

Would you make the benefits of Artificial Intelligence in your daily financial work but you don’t want to lose the soft knowledge of your AP team?

Do you miss automation in your accounting work but you don’t want to engage in some complex IT or process reorganization process?

ZIPA may be able to help you.

We are a startup working on an app that helps people like you automatically capture, recognize and convert your vendor invoices into a structured format whether it is a plain text file, an Excel-friendly csv or an import file for your accounting software.

And it is not everything! Our ambition is to train Zipa to be able to add the bookkeeping tags automatically based on your accounting practice.

Are you interested? We invite you to try Zipa’s experimental features for free. Start your demo session now.

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