Zipa Invoice Processing Automation

The Smartest Way To Process Your Invoices.



Zipa is an affordable, simple, intuitive invoice processing solution designed for accountants working for small and medium businesses.


Zipa reads, recognizes and transforms your scanned invoices into structured business documents.


Our technology relies on optical character recognition, machine learning and rules engines to extract data from images and convert them into meaningful and structured information.

How It Works


You upload your scanned invoices to Zipa and it starts working on them. Then you check the results online, correct, complete and validate the data and download them for your accounting software.
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Zipa can process most invoices the layout of which it has already learned. When it meets an unfamiliar invoice, it tries to infer the content from the context and the clues it finds. So, yes, it will probably be able to process your invoice, but hey, it's just a robot and it needs training.


Zipa is a Software as a Service, which means that the software runs in the cloud. All you need to use it is a browser and internet connection. You can access Zipa from your office, your client’s premise or from home.
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It doesn’t require software implementation, buying new devices or reorganizing your internal processes. And it fits perfectly in your current workflow with your clients.


You can choose from our subscription packages that best fit your client portfolio. In our SME package, you can process up to 50 invoices for 10 € a month.
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No implementation costs. Training is on us.

Let Zipa Do The Heavy Lifting


Zipa uses both template based OCR and AI powered OCR, depending on which approach promises better results. We can also train Zipa to predict the posting accounts for your invoices, if you need it.


Zipa has a keyword vocabulary for documents in English, German, French, Dutch, Polish, Czech, Estonian, Hungarian and Slovak languages.


We can teach Zipa together to recognize and process other documents like bank statements, customs declarations, account statements, delivery notes and so on.


Choose a package that best fits your client portfolio

Free Trial

  • Time limit: 14 days
  • Pipelines limit: 1
  • Document limit: 20
  • Upload size limit: 500 KB
  • Preferred Models limit: 10
  • Export: not available

Small Businesses

  • No Pipelines limit
  • Document limit: 50 /mo.
  • Upload size limit: 5 MB
  • Preferred Models limit: 30
  • Priority: Basic
  • Export: Yes


  • No Pipelines limit
  • Document limit: 250 /mo.
  • Upload size limit: 5 MB
  • Preferred Models limit: 100
  • Priority: Increased
  • Export: Yes

Retail businesses

  • No Pipelines limit
  • Document limit: 1000 /mo.
  • Upload size limit: 5 MB
  • No Preferred Models limit
  • Priority: High
  • Export: Yes

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Zipa can extract the business information from a document either by testing a trained model or by inferring the meaning of the data. You can start using Zipa immediately without trained models. However, better and quicker results can be achieved by the use of models. To have the models your document stack needs, we can train Zipa the templates (layouts) of the invoices of your client’s suppliers. We will analyze your client’s AP ledger, identify the regular suppliers, take the digital fingerprints of their invoice templates and train the models that can be re-used frequently.

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